Analysing the search for international talent

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Helping companies to find talent wherever it is and for the place it’s needed is the big challenge that ER International contributes to. This important network of headhunters held its second annual meeting in Madrid hosted by DOPP Consultants, founding partners of this network. The presence of Human Resources professionals invited to the meeting brought tangibility to the different views on the opportunities and need for the services of executive search with regard to accessing international managerial talent.

ER International is a network of headhunters, with 25 years of existence, integrated by leading companies in more than 25 countries that work with a shared philosophy of excellent service provision to their customers.

The opportunity to have labour vision of how the commitment to the client, the possibility of sharing methodologies of work and the development of a close communication among the members of the network makes possible that the headhunting services, and the attraction of talent can be developed in any of the countries where  ER International is present for business customers that are integrated into this network. In addition, customers can know at all times what is the status of management employment in the different territorial scenarios, which are the multicultural keys that appear in those scenarios, what is the available talent and how to address search processes that ensure the best results.

DOPP Consultores was the host of the second Annual meeting 2017 of ER International. The network managing partner has one of his partners, Fernando Pozas, as director. "ER International has a long history of collaboration in a global context which, today, is the biggest constant in an environmental business in constant change, " assured Pozas, and added: "It has been a pleasure to have the presence and contribution of diverse professional visions from different countries like France, United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Holland, Denmark, Sweden, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Finland, China, India, Singapore and Australia"

To read more about the ER International meeting, check the official press release.
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