6 Simple Changes To Make Your Company A Great Workplace

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Spending about 8 daily hours inside an office obviously demands a bit of comfort, but employers are aware of that. What didn’t seem so clear, though, was that workers minded how their office look like and how tiny changes could make them happier.

Sometimes, we try to provide our employees with the best appliances in order to make them satisfied in the workplace but it looks like brand new computers and modern telephones located in a downtown refurbished building is just not enough.

A recent survey showed that people do care about their work environment and they would even turn down an opportunity when the company is not pleasant enough to spend their days at.  The survey gathered 6 simple wishes that UK office workers guarantee it would completely change their satisfaction at work for better.

1 - Natural light

There’s no need to tell how awful it is to be locked in a room where you feel like you’re in a box, but being exposed to natural light brings more than a feeling-free benefit. A research published in the journal Sleep, in 2013 shows that workers who have windows at their offices sleep more hours than those who don't. That means that working in a place with natural lights will increase your quality of life, awareness and efficiency at work and will reduce physical problems due to sleep disturbances.

2 - Improvements to office break areas

Common areas are very important at the office, especially the break rooms, that are essential for many reasons. Besides being necessary for the employee to renew the daily energy to get the work going, it is also a very good way to support the communication among the employees and engage them into relaxed team activities. Improvements in the room such as the offer of small games,  a place to eat properly, comfy couch or chairs, and a decoration that differs from the rest of the office can be very powerful to push some motivation during the break.

3 - Personalised workstation

No doubt we go through hard moments during the day with all the pressure and an overwhelming load of information that works brings us into the office. So it’s nice to have a familiar face to look at in a picture, or a porcupine massage ball to help stretching our fingers.  The survey shows that employees want the right to customise their workplace and this small amount of power can result in a great change in the work atmosphere.

4- Amenities

Is it even possible not to have coffee at work?

Even though most companies offer basic supplies for everyone’s needs – like water,  there’s no such perk as free coffee. Coffee is known as a good incentive for our workers and helps with the productivity in the office, once caffeine helps to get people focused and with high levels of energy. Eventual birthday cakes, sweets or anything that contains sugar, are also good options for inexpensive amenities that will increase our workers' dopamine and make them feel happy. (Just remember we want happy workers, not diabetic ones).

5 - Furniture

Our bodies have some needs that can’t be neglected. The furniture at the workplace plays a special role to either keep our body in place or destroy it for good. Tables that are too high or too low, computers positioned in a way that requires too much tension on your neck or wrist and chairs that are not spine-friendly are a nightmare to any human being. That’s the reason why changing the furniture is so requested not only by workers but also by doctors who know how much damage some years in the wrong chair can make to the body.

6 - Colourful rooms

If even science has surrendered to the power of colours and recognised Chromotherapy as an important field of study, who are we not to?

By aligning the decoration in the workplace with the right colours, we can promote good results in health and harmony. A very stressful environment, for instance, could use some colours to soothe the vibrations and frequencies around while a quiet room may need some colours to boost energy and encourage challenges.

With only 6 simple steps, we can modify our company to be a better place to work,  certainly leading to better results in terms of motivation, effectiveness and commitment.

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