Ireland Set To Become Global IT & Tech Player

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The World Order In Flux

This is a very exciting time in the world, a time where traditional ways of doing things are being challenged and changed by technology. Commerce, the activity that keeps our economies growing and is the bedrock of modern civilisation is undergoing fundamental change in the way it is conducted. “Commerce will be invisible in the future” –  John Lunn (Paypal) this can be seen in digital payments being made without cash from pressing a card to a reader, from a phone, even from an Apple watch. Cash is becoming an increasingly irrelevant commodity as digital payments can also be made using digital currencies like Bitcoin.

The world is ordering itself increasingly through changing digital and technological means, but one thing that will never change is early adopters will always have the advantage over those who come on-board later. Ireland, luckily is positioning itself as an early adopter of many of these new technological breakthroughs by increasing its position as a global technological player.


Proving Ourselves

It is no secret that the economic recession of 2008 crushed many dreams and has left many Irish citizens still reeling from the fallout, but where there is adversity, there is opportunity. As our economy begins to slowly recover many multi-nationals are beginning to invest here once more as Ireland’s internationally recognised, educated and competent workforce is being offered opportunities in exciting new technological developments.

Proof of this can be seen by Apple’s sizeable investment in Ireland by way of 1,000 new positions in order to expand its operations, not to mention the Web Summit being hosted in Ireland as well. All in all there has been 2,600 IT & Technology jobs created in Ireland in the month of November. Ireland is proving itself as having one of the most desirable workforces on the planet in Technology & IT sectors.


Global Players

What do New York City, London, and Killala Co. Mayo have in common?

They are all instrumental in supplying the means of data transport between the USA and the rest of Europe. Construction of a fiber cable which will manage the transportation of 1/3 of worldwide telephone calls also boasts transport capacity for 1.6 million ultra-high-definition video channels running simultaneously, it also has a latency speed of 53.8 milliseconds. This fibre cable is known as the American European Connect or AEC and it is both figuratively and literally hard-wiring Ireland’s important standing among and relationship with the USA and Europe in terms of data-sharing technology and is due to be completed by the end of January 2016. Ireland is now in the strongest possible position it could be in terms of modern technology and many believe that from these technological roots will flourish  economic strength once again.

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