Psychiatric Medical Professionals

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Never A Better Time For Psychiatric Healthcare Professionals To Find Desired Employment


Throughout the country recent financial and employment reports has shown that the worst of the financial crisis is over and while the situation which has affected us all has by no means been given a clear bill of health, it is most certainly on the mend.

This is proving true in many areas including the medical profession as reflected by the large numbers of jobs promotions in recent times This is especially true in the Psychiatric Healthcare space. 

The Psychiatric services of this country are now heavily strained and as a result there has been increased efforts to improve staffing in order to alleviate the strain on the these services. In December 2012, 35million in funding was promised by the government to be invested into the mental health services which are experiencing severe staffing gaps unable to meet rising demand.

The argument has been made with some merit that this difficulty was exacerbated by the financial crisis which has seen highly skilled and newly qualified professionals leave our shores in their thousands. Now, finally the winds of change are starting to pick up with the re-introduction of staffing schemes in vital services like healthcare in the hopes that Ireland can once more avail of the best and brightest professionals in these highly skilled areas.

The demand is great and so is the challenge, but these new measures mean that there has never been a better time for psychiatric healthcare professionals to find suitable, high-paying positions in Ireland. 

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