Nurses Coming Home to Roost – Will you join the Flock?

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The rapid rise in returnees

As early as March of this year, 2015 was already being described as ‘The year of the Returnees’ in response to the huge amount of Job Vacancies in the Irish Market. With the economy continuing rapidly, this trend looks set to continue in 2016 and beyond. The area where shortages are the most acute is in healthcare, with nurses in particular being urgently sought for roles in both the public and private sector.

Many nurses – Both newly qualified and experienced – Left Ireland following the economic downturn in 2008. Reduced rates of pay in public roles combined with reduced opportunities in the private sector led many nurses to seek roles overseas. Theses Nurses are now being sorely missed and employers are prepared to pay quite handsomely to have them return – Many facilities are now offering attractive relocation packages that include flights, resettlement allowance and full recognition of all qualifications and experience gained abroad.


The significance of ’16

2016 looks set to become a very important year. With the celebrations to mark the centenary of the independent Irish state only a short time away, it seems fitting that many of those who had no choice but to leave during the downturn are now set to avail of the many opportunities that are opening up to talented young professionals.  Improvements in the economy mean that the cutbacks brought in during the years of recession are now being rapidly reversed. It is hoped that in addition to new job opportunities, increased spending will also allow for substantial improvements in the overall quality of healthcare on offer and a much better working environment for our nurses.


A question of timing . . .

Most people who emigrate often dream of a return home but the question is always one of timing – Will current openings offer the same levels of career opportunity and quality of life as offered to them overseas? The quantity of well paid jobs currently being advertised would strongly indicate that Nurses in particular can expect to have a standard of living and career options every bit as attractive as what they have overseas. With attractive incentives on offer to help in returning home, the best time it would seem is now.

Are you a Nurse that is actively considering a return home to Ireland? If you are, there has rarely been a better time than right now. If you would like to get more information or are just curious as to the type of opportunities on offer, then please visit our website at

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