Doctor Opportunities for Consultants & Registrars In Ireland

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From newly qualified Doctors to seasoned Consultants, there are many who have emigrated and few who have not seriously considered taking the plunge. It is widely accepted and understood as an action taken out of necessity rather than lack of patriotism, it is simply a sad fact that in recent years these highly skilled, stressful and diversified positions are being offered under more attractive circumstances elsewhere.

The days of doing more with less in the Irish medical sector is coming to an end. Finally after years of staffing cutbacks and embargoes there is a light at the end of the tunnel. This can be seen in the resurgence in demand for Consultants and Registrars in top positions. 


As these new positions are filled with highly skilled, highly motivated Medical Practitioners is the essence of why there is such high demand for Irish staff in hospitals and medical facilities throughout the world. There will be a reduction in controversial facts such as: Ireland has the highest birth rate in Europe and yet has the third lowest number of Consultant Obstetricians among leading Western countries. Health Chiefs have to rely on temporary locum and agency staff to cope with the workload. 

 This challenging time in the Irish medical sector is coming to an end and it is hoped that with the continued availability of new top positions for highly qualified Consultants and Registrars will come or indeed come home to work in Ireland.

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