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Could Ireland be the Best place for international Graduates to get their first Job? 

 Everyone knows that the tide is turning in the Irish economy but there is an undoubted scarcity of fluent Dutch, Nordics and German speakers at Graduate level in Ireland. For that reason multinational companies are offering first timers extremely attractive packages complete with planned and professional training as well as career development .

 So what’s in it for international Graduates who speak English and another European Language?

Firstly the standard of branded international HQ’s in Ireland is second to none, this means that more than likely your first job out of college is going to be with a company that most candidates aspire to work. Secondly companies in Ireland and extremely keen to attract you so the benefits could include all or some : Base Salaries 30 – 40k, relocation packages ( 3000 – 5000 Euro), assistance with relocation, e health cover, gym memberships,  travel cards, lunch etc.  – some companies will even relocate your dog for you ! That’s some investment in a completely untried and untested individual who has no reference point.


Then there is the culture Ireland that has become a cultural mecca for international students and candidates who have decided its where they want to live forever or a few years. In recent times It’s a melting pot of culture with the famous laid back “craic” of the Irish mixed in – heaven for a Graduate. It’s a young city with something happening in the evenings every night – just check out Harcourt Street!

Ireland's first language is English the only other nation in Europe apart from Britain that can say the same so for a student to perfect English as a language. It may be a more attractive place than the daunting prospect of a country that has 63 million versus 4 million. In balance Ireland could very well be the best country in Europe to take your first steps in the work world, get paid well and have a lot of fun along the way !

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