All Change! – why do Irish doctors rotate their jobs every 6 months?

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All Change!

Did you know that junior doctors in Ireland usually rotate jobs every 6 months?

Here at Headhunt we place doctors in every discipline, at every level and in every type of hospital.  But our biggest efforts every year are expended in helping our public hospital clients fill the January and July rotations of NCHDs (non-consultant hospital doctors).  So, what does this mean exactly?

Essentially, the hospitals, many of which are linked with the universities, allow for junior doctors to be rotated every 6 months.  This is so that the doctors can gain experience across many different disciplines (eg Anaesthesia, Orthopaedics, Paediatrics etc)  before they choose one specialty en-route to hopefully becoming a successful Consultant.

Doctors enter in to this system after their medical degree and after completing one year of internship. From now on they are practicing medicine, but under supervision.  They will begin as a SHO (Senior House Officer) before progressing to Registrar, all the time continuing to study and do exams.  They must also be registered with the Irish Medical Council.

The system works quite smoothly, and the hospitals and doctors all do very good work, despite stretched resources.  However, there is a constant shortage of good doctors, particularly at Registrar level.  This is where Headhunt International tries to help, as we recruit the best doctors from other countries to come and work for our clients in Ireland. 

Doctors are probably the most mobile workforce in the world and although it is a demanding profession, we find that doctors are always very eager to travel, to learn, to teach, to research, and most of all – to care for their patients.

If you are a doctor and would like us to help place you in an Irish hospital please send your CV to and for more information please go to


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