Job market after pandemic

Wednesday, May 18, 2022

The covid pandemic disrupted labour markets globally since 2020. The consequences were sudden and often severe: millions of people were let go or lost jobs, and others were lucky to adjust to working from home, as offices closed. Many other workers were considerate essential and continued to work in hospitals, supermarkets, warehouses, but under new protocols to reduce the spread of the new virus. The situation has been the same all over the world, but how is Ireland going after the pandemic?
After two years of COVID-19, we can begin to observe certain changes that seem to have come to stay.

Job market after pandemic

 And just like that, with practically all Covid-19 restrictions finally gone, we can go back to life as normal. But will working life really feel normal after two years of living through a health emergency?
Unluckily, the answer to this question is no. 

As the pandemic resets major work trends, HR leaders must rethink labour force and employee management and strategies, as new trends are emerging. As an example, nowadays 32% of the organisations are replacing full time employees with contingent workers as a cost-saving measure
Many jobs have ceased to exist after the pandemic, and when looking for work, many people wonder what sector they could work in and what is the most acclaimed sector in recent months.
Well, here we give you the answer. 

Job market after Covid pandemicThe trend nowadays is to work online, as it is experiencing a decisive boost in many companies that because of covid, they are increasing outlaws physical contact. The sudden shift to digital remote work, has the potential to accelerate changes in the way we work and in our ideas about organizing work. 
Irish people can now work from home, disconnect from work, from the telephone, from the email… but we all know that there are people who cannot do that, the first-line workers who were fighting against the pandemic, and that’s why their jobs are being acclaimed that much these days. 

Despite the fact that online working is the trend now, we know that many sectors can not do that, even though there are now machines that can even replace someone’s job, as is the case of supermarkets where you can pay without having any contact with the cashier. 
Well, this is not possible in the medical sector. There could be machines that help the nurses or the medics but there is not possible to replace the work they do. That’s why the most acclaimed jobs these days are related to the medical sector. 

In Ireland, as a result of working so much on the computer (at home or not), many hospitals are now looking for Ophthalmologists and Nurses in any specialty, due to the gross impact of COVID-19.


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