• Quote of the Day 09/05/2017

    Posted on Tuesday, May 9, 2017 by Gearoid MolloyNo comments

    Interview preparation advice tends to boil down to 'know who you are'. Self invention and self improvement are an important part of that.

  • Top Ten Interview Tips

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    As much as your qualifications and experience speak for you, when you’re looking to move up in your career there’s going to come a time when you have to speak for yourself. Reddit users Dan_Ashcroft and bananananapeel share their top ten tips for making a good impression in your big interview   Answer their questions. Lots of people will start answering the question but never really finish ...

  • Doctor’s Team Recruitment update

    Posted on Monday, November 7, 2016 by Ken CowleyNo comments

    It’s been a busy year for the doctor’s team in Head Hunt International’s Dublin office.  Currently we are in the throes of the final rounds of interviews for the January rotation of HSE NCHDs (Registrars and SHOs) although in reality we will be making last minute placements right in to the New Year.  This year we have found several specialties to be in particular demand, for example Paediatrics ...

  • Multi-Lingual Job Opportunities Across Europe

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    Multi-Lingual Job Opportunities Across Europe   With increasing evidence and news demonstrating how the majority of Europe-( and in particular Ireland-(   are over-coming the remaining financial difficulties in the wake of the 2008 recession there is cause for optimism this new year. ...

  • Ireland Set To Become Global IT & Tech Player

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    The World Order In Flux This is a very exciting time in the world, a time where traditional ways of doing things are being challenged and changed by technology. Commerce, the activity that keeps our economies growing and is the bedrock of modern civilisation is undergoing fundamental change in the way it is conducted. “Commerce will be invisible in the future” –  John Lunn (Paypal) this can be ...

  • Nurses Coming Home to Roost – Will you join the Flock?

    Posted on Thursday, November 26, 2015 by Niall McCullaghNo comments

    The rapid rise in returnees As early as March of this year, 2015 was already being described as ‘The year of the Returnees’ in response to the huge amount of Job Vacancies in the Irish Market. With the economy continuing rapidly, this trend looks set to continue in 2016 and beyond. The area where shortages are the most acute is in healthcare, with nurses in particular being urgently sought for ...

  • Doctor Opportunities for Consultants & Registrars In Ireland

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    From newly qualified Doctors to seasoned Consultants, there are many who have emigrated and few who have not seriously considered taking the plunge. It is widely accepted and understood as an action taken out of necessity rather than lack of patriotism, it is simply a sad fact that in recent years these highly skilled, stressful and diversified positions are being offered under more attractive ...

  • Psychiatric Medical Professionals

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    Never A Better Time For Psychiatric Healthcare Professionals To Find Desired Employment   Throughout the country recent financial and employment reports has shown that the worst of the financial crisis is over and while the situation which has affected us all has by no means been given a clear bill of health, it is most certainly on the mend. This is proving true in many areas including the ...

  • All Change! – why do Irish doctors rotate their jobs every 6 months?

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    All Change! Did you know that junior doctors in Ireland usually rotate jobs every 6 months? Here at Headhunt we place doctors in every discipline, at every level and in every type of hospital.  But our biggest efforts every year are expended in helping our public hospital clients fill the January and July rotations of NCHDs (non-consultant hospital doctors).  So, what does this mean ...

  • Groovy for Graduates!

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    Could Ireland be the Best place for international Graduates to get their first Job?   Everyone knows that the tide is turning in the Irish economy but there is an undoubted scarcity of fluent Dutch, Nordics and German speakers at Graduate level in Ireland. For that reason multinational companies are offering first timers extremely attractive packages complete with planned and professional ...