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Finding the perfect job for you

If you've decided you are on the move then consider what you really want from your next position.

Speak to a Specialist Recruitment Consultant with knowledge about the current market and which sectors are recruiting  Look for an established and well respected  specialist consultancy that has a good reputation in the marketplace.  It is important not to register with more than two to three recruitment companies to prevent your CV from being sent to the same organisation. Ask the consultancy about the benefits of registering exclusively with them - good consultancies will actively market your CV to their best clients and target organisations on your behalf. Choose a consultancy that gives every Recruitment Consultant in your specialism access to your CV, if not, you will only find out about the handful of roles that the Consultant is dealing with.

Evaluate your skills  

Evaluate your skills, contacts and knowledge

Assess what you've learnt in your job,

List your strengths and weaknesses

Note areas you need to develop.

Think about the type of role that interests you and what type of organisation will be actively looking for your skill set.

Knowing your skills and worth  will help you define clearly a to recruitment consultancies and employers what you want to achieve from your next move and will also help you market yoursel

It is most important that you differentiate how your skills and achievements make you different from someone else with the same academic qualifications or experience

Research the Market

Talk to recruitment consultancies about the current market, which sectors are recruiting and how long the recruitment process is currently taking.

Sign up for job alerts that match your chosen role criteria.


Networking will enable you to identify jobs which are not publically advertised giving you and advantage over other candidates.

Your network should include anyone who can help you with your job search or career move including past and present co-workers, bosses, colleagues from business associations and friends. 

Search job boards

Research which online job boards cater specifically for the industry you are looking to work in.  When you identify which job boards are relevant, use the search engines to locate roles that match your discipline, job type, salary and location.

Read the trade press for your sector

Whatever sector you work in, it's critical to understand the issues affecting your profession or industry sector and good insight will put you ahead of your fellow job seekers. You can also gain key information on who is moving roles to help you target your job search.

Contact us

To find out more about current opportunities and/or to arrange an appointment with one of our Specialist Recruitment Consultants, please contact Headhunt International in Dublin on +353 (0) 1 4188188  

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